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who do I know that I can ask about *insert crypto related thing here*?

Introducing VENT

VentUp Launchpad

  • Customer support (the same team that supports Mastercard) 24/7 to walk users through every part of the process
  • One time platform wide KYC (similar to the Bluezilla ecosystem)
  • Flexible Fundraising Mechanisms (IDO, Private Rounds, ISPO)
  • Innovative P.A.S. (Point Allocation System) mechanism. This rewards long term and highly engaged users while making sure newer users can participate meaningfully in raises
  • A single, easy to use and secure environment for users and projects to interact
  • Insurance from hacks and rug pulls provided by Bridge Mutual
  • Simple wallet integration and an optional mobile app

VentSwap DEX

VentCommerce Marketplace

The Vent Team

More on the $VENT Token

  1. Platform Governance
  2. Reduced fees for using the DEX
  3. Project selection
  4. Reduced fees for VentCommerce
  5. Reduced fees for using the various bridges

Thoughts on the future of VENT

Where to buy $VENT

Stay up to date with VENT



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